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Community Revitalization

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Resident Driven GI Projects

Collaborating program that facilitates and funds resident-driven green infrastructure projects

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Front Yard Initiative

Working with homeowners to remove excessive pavement in the Lower 9 through reimbursement or funded projects


Tree Planting in

the Lower 9

Neighborhood tree planting project in collaboration with L9NA, CSED, and L9EDD

The L9WHA has established partnerships with Water Wise Gulf South, The Urban Conservancy, SOUL NOLA, CSED, and the L9EDD  to increase green infrastructure and trees in the Lower 9th Ward community.   

Water Wise Gulf South

Water Wise Gulf South is a collective that includes a formal partnership between the following entities:

  • Greater Tremé Consortium, est. 2016

  • Healthy Community Services, est. 2017

  • Upper 9th Ward Bunny Friend Neighborhood Association, est. 2019

  • Hollygrove-Dixon Neighborhood Association, est. 2020

  • Idlewood-Parkwood Neighborhood Association, est. 2021

  • Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association, est. 2022

"The mission of Water Wise Gulf South is to empower individuals, neighborhoods, and marginalized communities to manage storm water, thereby reducing localized flooding and providing many other benefits. We promote community-driven, ecologically-based solutions, known as green infrastructure, to infiltrate, filter, and detain storm water runoff and improve water quality. Our approach is to build community leadership and demonstrate green infrastructure systems. We accomplish this by providing technical assistance, educational programming, green infrastructure leadership training, and green infrastructure implementation" from Water Wise Gulf South website

For a list of upcoming events facilitated by the Water Wise collective, click here

The Urban Conservancy

The Front Yard Initiative is the Urban Conservancy’s response to excessive yard paving. Rampant front yard paving is a community issue that has broad and significant effects on the city of New Orleans from storm water to safety.

The Front Yard Initiative is an incentive program that reimburses eligible homeowners $2.50 per square foot of paving removed- up to 500 square feet- for a max of $1,250. The L9WHA is here to assist you with the FYI application process. 

Learn more about Urban Conservancy and the Front Yard Initiative here 


Does your yard flood after rainfall? Are you interested in beautification projects that help the environment? Complete the form below to receive an application for services.

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