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Since our founding in 2006, volunteers have been an important part of the L9WHA Team. Over the last decade, we have been honored to host thousands of volunteers from all over the country and the world. In the early years following Hurricane Katrina, volunteers helped us clear storm debris and gut houses. More recently, they have provided important case and data management support as well as administrative, communications and outreach assistance for our clients who are working so hard to return home


Do you have a passion for helping others?  Love the Lower 9th Ward? 

Desire to partner with the L9WHA in the revitalization of this historic community?

Volunteers are needed year-round.  We need assistance with:

  • Coordinating community clean-up projects

  • Administration

  • Community outreach

  • Special events & programs

We would love to work with you and use your talents to preserve and create homeownership in the L9.

Contact us at 504-943-6000 or

If you are interested in social and housing justice or disaster rebuilding and urban planning, please consider volunteering with our team. All volunteers are given the opportunity to do real hands-on work in areas of interest to them.

L9WHA Community Advisory Group.jpg

If you are a college student, we will work with your academic department to develop a work plan in sync with your studies, so you can earn academic credit during your internship.


Please contact us at so we work together to develop a real-world and hands-on work plan - special for you.

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