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Annual Reports

Read our annual reports to learn more about our work in the Lower 9th Ward.

2022 - Resident-Driven Decisions

Being community-driven means listening to and following the homeowner's feedback and suggestions.  It means doing work WITH the community and not for them.  This year's preservation, creation, and revitalization programs have made a tremendous impact on our homeowners and residents.  As one of our cherished supporters, we thank you for your unwavering support of our work in the Lower 9th Ward. Read up on this year's progress by viewing the 2022 year-end report.

2021 - Preserving the LEGACY

The Lower 9th Ward is known for its LEGACY - legacy of family, multi-generational dwellings and African-American homeownership.  The Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association has been working with families to preserve this LEGACY since 2006.  We consider it a privilege to continue this fight in 2022 through the preservation and creation of homeownership and the resident driven revitalization of our community.

2020 - The Whole 9

One of the L9WHA’s core strengths has always been our ability to uncover the needs of homeowners and find resources to assist them. All year, as we have learned about issues affecting individual homeowners during COVID-19, we have partnered with other community organizations and leaders to find them the services they need. We call this THE WHOLE 9

2018 - Bringing History to Life

Sitting around a table with a group of Lower 9th Ward (L9) residents who grew up in the community, you will hear stories of kids playing in the Tupelo St. canal, crawfish that just “walked” out of the water, neighbors caring for neighbors. For years, the L9 was known as a strong, self-sufficient community full of love and perseverance. Every shop, store, and service you could possibly imagine could be found on St. Claude Avenue. 

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