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Reducing Barriers to Homeownership in the Lower 9th Ward

The work that eventually changed HUD rules and brought over $3 million to the Lower 9 began with Linda Jackson and M.A. Sheehan. Funding programs were failing the people in the Lower 9. Our team is now much bigger than it was then, with an active  board and a highly-qualified staff. More importantly, the L9WHA team includes the residents of the community and donors who support our work.

Gaynell Brady Headshot.jpg

Executive Director

Gaynell Brady

(504) 943-6000


Development Coordinator

Sarah Bruzzi

(504) 943-6000


Client Services

Cynthia Guillemet

504) 943-6000


Revitalization Specialist

Terrell Williams

(504) 943-6000

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