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Resident-Driven Rebuilding

The mission of the L9WHA is the preservation and creation of homeownership and the Resident-Driven Revitalization of our historic community. 

A resident-run 501(c)3  organization dedicated to providing individual assistance, outreach and organizing expertise to New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward community.

The House the 9 Program provides policy and case management expertise for still-displaced Lower 9th Ward homeowners who want to return home.

If you are interested in social and housing justice or disaster rebuilding and urban planning, please consider supporting our work.

The Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association envisions a diverse and thriving Lower 9th Ward Community with record-setting African American Homeownership rates.

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Celebrating National Homeownership Month

Celebrating Homeownership Month kicks off with a presentation by real estate agent Lydia Cutrer. Lydia  is a real estate agent with Delisha Boyd Realty and a consultant through her firm, The O.W.N. Life, where she works with individual and business clients to Build Wealth through Real Estate.  


Lydia will discuss the benefits of becoming a homeowner, from building your financial future to creating your own personal space to prioritizing your family's needs.  The presentation will also cover the importance of protecting your home and preserving the wealth it brings for the long-term. The presentation will be facilitated by Gaynell Brady, Executive Director, Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association (L9WHA).


Tuesday, June 15, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. 

The virtual presentation will take place via Zoom

Call in & listen: (929)205-6099

Meeting ID: 81685541344

Passcode: 149077

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COVID-19 Assistance

Haven't receive your stimulus Check?

Need Mortgage Assistance?

Need help applying for Unemployment?

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The Whole 9

The Whole 9 is about listening. It’s community members knowing what their neighbors need. It’s our staff paying attention to what may be unspoken—is there something else we can help you with? Then it spreads out from there, as the people we touch become ambassadors for our work.

Support Us

Hundreds of individuals have made donations to the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association since our founding in 2006. These donors are the backbone of our our work in the Lower 9th Ward. Whether you are giving $5 or $500, your donation brings families home and helps them remain their.  Our sincere gratitude for your generosity!