Our Team

The work that eventually changed HUD rules and brought over $3 million to the L9 began with Linda Jackson and M.A. Sheehan

just sitting there talking on M.A.’s front porch. Government programs were failing the people who desperately needed them, and M.A. and Linda knew that it’s our job to bring the voices of the people to the rooms where decisions are made.


Our team is now much bigger than it was then, with an active and diverse board and a highly-qualified staff. Just as important, our team now includes foundations, churches, and so many individual donors who are in those rooms with us. We may be the ones with our feet planted in the Lower 9th Ward, but you make everything we do possible.

Meet The Team
Gaynell Brady

Executive Director

Wooden Partition

Housing Director

Cynthia and Galethea out in the neighbor
Cynthia Guillemet

Housing Advocate/

Outreach Specialist

Sarah Bruzzi

Development Coordinator

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Galethea Baham

Outreach Specialist

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Carol Davis

Faith Based Outreach