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When You Give, You Complete the Puzzle

Dear Friend,

Every year, when my family spends a week together at the beach, we do a puzzle. One year it was the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone, another it was children playing with baseball cards. Our favorite was Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party – who knew there were so many different shades of blue?

I’ve been thinking lately, as my role at the L9WHA changes – what is my piece of the puzzle? People who are from the neighborhood are filling all of the roles – outreach, client services, day-to-day leadership, development, organizing. My role, more than ever, is training and advising and doing deep-dive research and policy development in support of their work.

My role is to GIVE WHAT I CAN as the people of the Lower 9th Ward determine their own future. This is what this moment in our nation’s history is teaching us. And I am so grateful that, working together with our partners, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together.

But It’s always the last piece that is the most thrilling, Without the last piece, the puzzle just isn't done.

Will you be that piece today? Will you complete the puzzle we are building, a puzzle not of a painting of some long-ago outing but of a vibrant yet incomplete place?

With gratitude for you,


YOUR GIFT - TODAY! - WILL BE MATCHED Our friends Tony and Tony are providing a a 50% match for the first $10,000 of year-end gifts! Every $50 you give today becomes $75 for L9 homeowners..

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