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We NEED You!

We NEED You!

The Whole 9 Initiative is all about partnership - partnering homeowners with resources. And it is because of you and your partnership that this initiative is even possible. Each of you are a part of this program, playing your unique role, and we couldn't do it without you.

So, How can you help?

1. Save the Date – Mark your calendar: Give NOLA Day is on May 4!

2. Early Giving has Already Started! – Be a leader in the fight for reducing barriers to homeownership for BIPOC community members and other residents of the Lower 9th Ward, restoring our historically African American Community, and help us jumpstart our campaign! You can donate at

3. Spread the Word – Tell your friends and family why the work L9WHA does is important to you and how they can help. You can send them to

4. Follow Us On Social Media – We’re on Facebook at & Instagram @lower9nola

5. Donate – We are asking for those who can afford, to contribute $200. But we recognize that times are tough for many and appreciate a donation of any amount. $10, $20, $50, anything helps. - And any donation made through Tuesday evening up to $4000 will be matched by 50%

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