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The Whole 9

As we preserve and protect our beloved, historic community,

we are committed to the WHOLE of the Lower 9th Ward homeowner.

2021 is flying by, and I cannot believe it is April already!

Here in New Orleans, things look a bit different with fewer festivals, but as the city continues to be a leader on the number of vaccines given in the State of Louisiana, street events (and flowers) are starting to blossom. And we are happy to report that our Whole 9 Initiative is in full swing.

The Whole 9 Initiative is our flagship program celebrating our 15th anniversary, focused on the WHOLE of the Lower 9th Ward homeowner. It capitalizes on one of our greatest strengths - our ability to uncover systemic problems at the ground level and connect homeowners with partners to bring solutions back to the neighborhood.

Ms. Vanessa

We first told you about Ms. Vanessa back in December after Cynthia Guillemet, our Community Engagement and Client Services Specialist, first learned of Vanessa Gueringer’s situation during her routine block canvassing and neighborhood phone calls this fall. Ms. Vanessa let her know that every time a heavy storm passes through the Lower 9th Ward, her front and back yards fill with water - she is unable to even get to her car. After a bit more conversation, Cynthia and our executive director Gaynell knew Ms. Vanessa’s yard would be the perfect kick-off project for The Whole 9.

The L9WHA team reached out to the Urban Conservancy, which works alongside many other organizations to reduce flooding caused by rainfall and land subsidence. They came out to tour Ms. Vanessa’s yard, and when they shared their ideas, we instantly saw Ms. Vanessa’s face turn from stress to joy. She said, "This is the help I needed." Her yard will become a safe and enjoyable space again.

Last week, a team of green infrastructure and storm water management specialists (pictured above) from Gravel Road Builders +Construction, Urban Conservancy, and Waterwise GulfSouth toured Ms. Vanessa's yard. They devised a multi-faceted plan to eliminate flooding in her yard. The project will begin at the end of this month/beginning of next. As Ms. Vanessa continues to serve the residents of the L9, our team at the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association will continue to work hard for her and her home.

We Need YOU

Take advantage of this special opportunity at the end of this month. We need you to partner with us as we assist homeowners like Ms. Vanessa. We need you to partner with L9WHA as we continue to fight for L9 Homeowners. Beginning April 20 through May 4, go online to

And the first $4000 of GiveNOLA Day gifts will be matched - 50%! - by two generous supporters, so your impact will be even greater!

Pictured Below: Gaynell Brady (L9WHA director), Cynthia Guillemet (L9WHA Community Engagement & Client Services Specialist), Gravel Road Builders +Construction, Urban Conservancy, and Waterwise GulfSouth, & Vanessa Gueringer (L9 Resident & Advocate)

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