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Preserving a LEGACY

Preserving the LEGACY

The Lower 9th Ward is known for its LEGACY - legacy of family, multi-generational dwellings and African-American homeownership. The Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association has been working with families to preserve this LEGACY since 2006. We consider it a privilege to continue this fight in 2022 through the preservation and creation of homeownership and the resident driven revitalization of our community.

Tony Maida and Tony Volpe believe in that LEGACY and support the L9WHA's work in the Lower 9th Ward. As such, Tony and Tony, have committed to donate $5,000 in 2022. As a result, every gift before the end of the year, up to $10,000, will receive a 50% match!!

IF YOU GIVE NOW, YOUR GIFT WILL BE MATCHED! Preserve the LEGACY of Homeownership in the L9!

Please see our year-end report for more information on the LEGACY of homeownership in the L9.

Double YOUR Gift

Can you match your gift from last year too? Or even double what you gave last year? Any gift at all will provide immeasurable help as our community works to contiuing building itsLEGACYfor the future.

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