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Our Whole 9 Project

Early Giving Begins TODAY!

The Countdown is on - GiveNOLA 2021 is only 2 weeks away - ( This incredible day is May 4th.

But you don't have to wait until May 4 -

you can actually make your GiveNOLA gift TODAY!!

Our Whole 9 Project

Each GiveNOLA 2021 donation will go toward our Whole 9 Project. The mission of the project is to meet all the needs of L9 homeowners. Through extensive outreach, we connect with elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners. We build trust and establish relationships with homeowners. Our objective is to let each homeowner know we are here to help them to remain in their homes.

Ultimately, this not only preserves homes that have been in families for generations but strengthens the fabric of our neighborhood. Our Whole 9 Project needs your support to make sure this becomes a reality in the Lower 9th Ward again.

And the first $4000 of GiveNOLA Day gifts will be matched - 50%! - by two generous supporters.

We first told you the story of Bobbie Banks this past fall, who truly exemplifies the heart of the Lower 9th Ward. Since 2014, we have had the privilege of working alongside Ms. Bobbie to preserve the home where she raised her family, and is now helping raise her grandchildren and care for her mother. Just before the holidays when we called to check-in on her, she told us that her home had suffered damage during Hurricane Zeta. Her roof and her sheetrock needed to be repaired.

Because of the relationship the L9WHA has nurtured over the years, Ms. Cynthia’s outreach, and the partnerships we have built in the neighborhood, we were immediately able to reach out to, which has been helping homeowners rebuild since shortly after Hurricane Katrina. This spring they are making the repairs needed on Ms. Bobbie’s home, including her roof, drywall, and also her front steps.

But, the story doesn't end there. While Ms. Bobbie continues to take care of everyone around her, she needs someone to help fight for her as well. As such, Ms. Cynthia is working with Ms. Bobbie to:

  • obtain assistance for a home health aid worker provide in-home medical care for her mom

  • apply for Food Stamps to feed her grandchildren

  • wade through the late FEMA application in order to have her roof repaired

  • get the appropriate tax credits while caring for her grandshildren

Despite contractor fraud, toxic drywall, issues with her assessment, and now storm damage to her roof, Ms. Bobbie continues to stay strong to help her family and stay connected with the neighborhood she loves .

Join Us

If you would like to partner with Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Bobbie and so many other L9 homeowners, we invite you to give toward this life-giving work by donating to the L9WHA on GiveNOLA Day, starting today, at

**INCREASE YOUR IMPACT - A long-time partner of the L9WHA has generously agreed to match the first $4000 of donations made for GiveNOLA by 50% – increase your impact with a GiveNOLA gift!!**

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