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Only a Few Hours Left

“The greatest gift we can give the homeowners of the lower 9th Ward is security. When we work with community partners to reduce or eliminate barriers to food and homeownership, we are securing resources for future lower 9th Ward residents. The work we do today will last for generations. We are able to accomplish this because of the funds that we received from you.”

- Gaynell Brady, L9WHA Executive Director

MA Sheehan (L9WHA Housing Director) & Eleanor (L9WHA Development Coordinator Sarah's daughter) stroll through the L9 - headed to a meeting discussing housing standards for new construction in the L9, using a home the L9WHA helped get built as the model.

On GiveNOLA Day 2021, we are celebrating the impact being made through our work to support the WHOLE of the Lower 9th Ward homeowner.

To continue partnering with us in our Whole 9 Initiative work, go to

Through an outpouring of gifts in the last few days,

we only need $1610 to meet our GiveNOLA Day match.

So it's not too late to join so many others and


Make your gift by midnight tonight.

And our deepest gratitude to all who have given!

"As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association learned that there is a larger role we need to fill in our community. When the crisis struck, thanks in large part to you and your partnership, we were in a position where we could expand to meet this need through our Whole 9 Initiative."

- MA Sheehan, L9WHA housing Director

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