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One Family's LEGACY

Pictured Above:(from left to right) Mr. Clay Landry Sr., Clay's sisters Brenda and Jackie, and his brother Wilbert. (front row) a Landry family cousin

A Family's LEGACY

On Friday, December 10, 2021, one of my favorite uncles passed unexpectedly in the Lower 9th Ward. Clay Landry Sr. was one of our family historians and genealogists and was the primary caretaker of the property left by my grandparents in the Lower 9th Ward. Clay believed in the importance of homeownership, financial stability, and leaving a LEGACY for his children. He did not just preach these words; he was a living example.

Before Hurricane Katrina, Clay began building his LEGACY of homeownership by purchasing several homes in the Lower 9th Ward. After the storm, he returned home in 2006 to purchase additional properties. And when COVID hit, he continued his education about homeownership by often watching the L9WHA's virtual classes on homeownership preservation. (I know this because he will call me with questions afterward.)

My heart tells me he wanted to make sure his grandchildren could grow up near him, just like his children were able to do with my grandma. I know Clay's LEGACY of homeownership will be passed on to his descendants. His LEGACY of intergenerational child-rearing in the Lower 9th Ward will also continue on his branch of the tree because he made sure his grandchildren will always have a place to call home.

My uncle’s story is not unique to the Lower 9th Ward or on my family tree. My Jefferson and Francois family members have lived in the Lower 9th Ward since the early 1900s. These hardworking family members lived in each other's homes until they could afford a home of their own. They left this LEGACY of home-sharing and generational wealth to their descendants. There are not too many streets in the Lower 9th Ward that my relatives have not lived on, and census documents illustrate they have lived everywhere from the bayou to the river.

My Uncle Clay's death broke my spirit as I experienced a significant loss. However, in the wee hours of the morning, I heard a voice telling me not to give up. This voice reminded me that I was challed to work at the L9WHA because my ancestors believed in me. I know I will make a difference in the community that I love with all of my heart.

With your help, I can also leave a LEGACY of rebirth and revitalization. With your help, we can rebuild this community. Leave a LEGACY for future philanthropists in honor of the first families of the Lower 9th Ward.



MATCH IT!!. Since 2017, Tony Maida and Tony Volpe have matched year-end gifts to the L9WHA. This year they have graciously agreed to provide a 50% match for the first $10,000 in gifts during our year-end campaign to continue the LEGACY of homeownership in the L9. That means you can double your impact by donating now. Every $50 you give becomes $75 for L9W homeowners.

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