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Happy New Year!!!

The LEGACY of homeownership is so much more than a physical building! It's about family, friends becoming family and ultimately community! My (Sarah - L9WHA development coordinator) family and I had the privilege of joining the Lower 9 community when we purchased our first family home here nearly 7 years ago. In that time we've expereinced first handhad why the Lower 9th Ward has been a thriving location through the generations for families to build their LEGACY.

In these 7 short years our family has joined with the Lower 9th Ward community to celebrate (Christmas tree lighting, Trunk or Treat, Christmas Caroling, Easter basket drive thru, etc), serve (food distributions, holiday basket giveaways, clean ups) and learn together (L9NA neighborhood meetings, L9WHA homeownership education series, and more). All of these activities have tied us all together, and have helped us all to build LEGACIES for our families in the Lower 9 Ward.

And we've seen this LEGACY grow even here on our little corner of the nieghborhood. Each of the past 7 Christmases my husband and I (and our children as they've grown) have made treats to share with our neighbors - Christmas cookies, hot chocolate bombs, fudge, etc. And for the first 5 of those years, we only had a few neighbors to share them with.

Then in 2020 our corner of the neighborhood celebrated as 10 news homes were built across the street from us. And with the completion of these homes (houses the L9WHA was instrumental in having built for homeownership), our community grew. And as we prepared our Christmas treats this year, we had 3 full blocks of families to bless with chocolate donuts!

Now, as we look toward 2022, we are excited to invite these new families to join the events and community organizations that have made such a huge impact in over lives over the last 7 years. We are thrilled to partner with them as they continue to build the LEGACY of homeownership for their families here in the Lower 9th Ward.

Partner with us TODAY!

By donating today, you will be partnering with us in building this LEGACY of homeownership in the Lower 9 through the preservation and creation of homeownership and the resident driven revitalization of our community.


Our friends Tony and Tony are providing a a 50% match for the first $10,000 of year-end gifts!

Every $50 you give today becomes $75 for L9 homeowners.

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