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It's Because of You

Thank YOU!

As we move into the new year celebrating our 15th anniversary, we wanted to thank everyone who has shown such incredible generosity to the people of the L9. Because of your outpouring of gifts, we met our match and more! More importantly, because of your partnership, we are positioned to kick off the Whole 9 initiative this month, partnering with each L9 resident right where they need it. It's people like you we depend on,

and we couldn't do it without you!

YOU are the final piece to this puzzle!

To launch the Whole 9 Initiative, you donated $23,109.48.

Because you partnered with us in our End of the Year Campaign, we thought you might like to see all of the pieces that came together to make it such a HUGE success:

33 people individually donated $8214

29 of these people we have come to count on for their support, while

4 people joined us as new members of this incredible family

3 individuals joined the Krewe of House the 9 as sustaining donors, donating and pledging


23 existing members of the Krewe of House the 9 made their monthly donations of $1194.52

$2454.60 was raised in company matches

$5,000 was given by by our incredible partners Tony and Tony to match your phenomenal

outpouring of generosity

Your gifts will enable us to serve the WHOLE of the residents of the L9, partnering Ms. Vanessa to resources so her yard doesn't flood any more, enabling Ms. Cynthia and Ms. Galethea to reach out to our neighbors to ensure their voices are heard, and providing resources for Mr. Banks to continuing serving his community with the nutritious meals they need.

So, though it doesn't quite seem like enough: THANK YOU!

With all good wishes for a new year filled with peace and joy,

Sarah, Gaynell, MA and everyone at the L9WHA

P.S. If you are one of the 37 people who donated, you can increase your gift even further with an employer match.

Will your employer match your gift?

To find out, ask your employer. You can also find information here:

Want to be a piece in this puzzle?

If the end of the year snuck up on you and you haven't had an opportunity to donate, don't worry. You can still click the button here or mail a check to the address below. You will be joining numerous others who are making an unbelievable impact in the L9!

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