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Green Infrastructure Revitalization

The Rocheblave Project

Last year, the L9WHA staff attended a planning workshop to design a two-year Green Infrastructure project plan. We selected an area in the Lower 9 that has:

1.) the largest number of blighted properties located near public spaces,

2.) a small number of homeowners, and

3) most likely not included in high visitability areas of the community.

Homeowners and property owners in these low visibility areas are frequently forgotten. The Rocheblave Project has 35 lots with 28 of the lots being unoccupied space.

The Preservation Team will continue to work to identify and contact lot owners to gauge interest if they would be interested in installing green infrastructure to eliminate the blight and beautify the community. We will use our existing relationships with homeowners in the area to get them certified as Water Wise Green Infrastructure Neighborhood Champions. As neighborhood champions, they will continue to educate other L9 residents about the importance of green infrastructure and how it can be used as a resource to revitalize the community. Our partnership with Water Wise strengthens our ability to improve the environmental health of the L9.

Water Wise Green Infrastructure 101 Workshop

The L9WHA will co-host the Water Wise Green Infrastructure 101 Workshop on May 10, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. at the TEP Center and online via Zoom. Workshop attendees will learn "Do-It-Yourself" green infrastructure solutions that reduce flooding while beautifying our neighborhoods. Participants who are interested in becoming neighborhood champions must attend a 101 workshop. The workshop is a part of a series of classes. To register, go to


To partner with our Preservation Team to eliminate blight and beautify the Lower 9th Ward, become a sustaining donor by visiting TODAY.

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