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GiveNOLA Tomorrow

With GiveNOLA 2021 ( less than 24 hours away, we wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the incredible progress that's being made in the L9 community just recently as a result of your partnership with the L9WHA.

Don't wait until tomorrow - you can schedule your GiveNOLA gift today!!

Through the utilization of the core tenets of The Whole 9 Initiative - extensive outreach, building trust, and establishing relationships - we have successfully preserved Ms. Bobbie and Ms. Vanessa's homes! This past week, Ms. Bobbie's roof was waterproofed, and work has begun on mold remediation. And, the plans for Ms. Vanessa's house have been drawn, and work will begin on her French Drain, rain garden, and dry well on the 11th of this month. It is because of you and your generosity that these two women are able to rest in the knowledge that their homes will be around for years to come.

To partner with us in reducing barriers to homeownership for BIPOC community members and other residents of the Lower 9th Ward, restoring our historically African American Community, donate today at

All gifts by midnight Tuesday will count for GiveNOLA Day match.

2 generous partners will match your gift 50% up to $4,000

Thank you for your deep generosity.

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