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Celebrate Homeownership With Us

Pictured Above: In May, the city-wide Green Infrastructure Tour made a stop in the Lower 9 to highlight the work done at Ms. Vanessa's home. Because of your partnership, Ms. Vanessa's yard no longer floods and she is the newest Waterwise Champion - advocating for green solutions in the Lower 9

National Homeownership Month

In recognition of National Homeownership Month, the L9WHA staff members are reflecting on the importance of homeownership. When homeowners buy a home in the Lower 9th Ward, they invest in their descendants' future. In the Lower 9, homes are gathering places for multiple generations. These are the places where families come together to learn and celebrate traditions and culture. In their homes, families work together to acquire and sustain generational wealth.

Natural disasters, economic hardships, pandemics, system racism, and environmental threats have been barriers to homeownership in the Lower 9. We are committed to eradicating these obstacles, or reducing their effects, through community partnerships and collaboration. With the assistance of people like you and the support of our residents, we are focused on preserving the LEGACY of homeownership.

Preserving Homeownership

This year, in order to aid community members in preserving their LEGACY of homeownership, we are committed to working with residents to install green infrastructure on their properties, challenging unfair policies, and working with the L9EDD to improve economic resources. We will also continue to offer homeowners and future homeowners educational opportunities not only on the benefits of Green Infrastructure, but on other home preservation resources. We do this because we care about the well-being of our neighbors.

Join Us

To Celebrate National Homeownership Month, partner with us by becoming a sustaining donor today!

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