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A Family Remembrance

Executive Director Gaynell Brady on her way to college a few days before Hurricane Katrina

Dear Friend:

During Hurricane Betsy in 1965, my mom was trapped in the attic. Her father, Willie Landry, had to break through the roof to find help for his family. When the storm had passed, without any federal assistance, they came home and rebuilt.

Forty years later Katrina hit and my only sister drowned in her home, two blocks from where my mom had been trapped. Now, 15 years on, my parents and so many like them are still trying to rebuild.

Despite so much pain, my parents have always exemplified the spirit of community that keeps our neighborhood strong.

Now, with Coronavirus devastating the Lower 9th Ward, they are once again stepping forward. My mom, Florence Banks, has been spreading the word about our work helping people lower their taxes, My dad, Charles Banks, has been picking up meals from the food bank twice a week--good healthy meals made by local restaurants—and delivering them to his elderly neighbors.

When I accepted the Executive Director position at the L9WHA, my parents' example, and the stories of so many of my neighbors, were etched into my mind. (You can read some of them HERE in our End of the Year report). The one thing I learned from my parents is the power of community. For the past 15 years, this is how we have honored my sister.

YOU are a vital part of that community. When you donate, know that I am 100% dedicated to helping people return home - and remain in their homes for the rest of their lives.

And I know you are too.

With gratitude for you and a heart full of hope,



MATCH IT!!. Since 2017, Tony Maida and Tony Volpe have matched year-end gifts to the L9WHA. This year, when the need is so great, they have significantly increased their challenge—they will provide a 50% match for the first $10,000 in gifts during our year-end campaign. That means you can double your impact by donating now. Every $50 you give becomes $75 for L9W homeowners.

The first $10,000 in gifts will receive a 50% match!!!

As we close out the craziness of 2020 and look forward to the newness of 2021 we want to wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season - from our family here in the L9 to Yours!

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