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A Reverend's Letter for His Friend

As the L9WHA mourns the passing of our leader, we also stand with

all those who are protesting the murder of George Floyd

and all those who work every day for justice for African Americans,

as Linda did.

Neighborhood leaders with plaque honoring those who died after the levee breaches

and those, like Linda, who rebuilt the Lower 9th Ward.

Photo by Darryl Malek-Wiley

I remember that day well. Linda was 'standing in the back' just like always.

I walked to her, took her hand and brought her before the camera. . . .

Linda even sort of smiled for the camera.

- Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of (in pink shirt, to left of Linda)

Rev. Willie L. Calhoun, Jr. (bottom left) remembers his good friend Linda this way:

Linda Jackson, no nonsense, let’s go get it done. Sometimes, we don’t recognize those that actually have a true love and concern for this community. Those that put their time, money and whatever resources they have to make this a better place to live and work in.

When Paul Vallas of the Recovery School District announced that a $50,000 school planning grant would be given to the Lower Nine, there were over 20 people on the planning committee. When Paul announced that no money was coming and the Alfred Lawless High School site would be green space, that group disbanded. But, Linda Jackson, Thom Pepper, Doris Hicks, Vanessa Gueringer, Vera McFadden and myself continued the fight for a high school in the Lower 9.

Linda's work in this community was not limited to any one thing, but everything she felt needed to be addressed.

Because we think we have tomorrow, we may not say thank you today. To my friend’s family I want to say Thank You!

I will truly miss my friend.

As we honor her let us do it with the same respect, love and passion she showed for this community

Rev. Calhoun

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