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9 Hours Left to GiveNOLA for Linda

As the L9WHA mourns the passing of our leader, we also stand with all those who are protesting the murder of George Floyd and all those who work

every day for justice for African Americans, as Linda did.

Linda was an absolute force for good in the world.

- Message from a Facebook friend

Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen and Rev. Calhoun honor Linda at her memorial balloon release

- Photo by Keith Calhoun/Chandra McCormick

At Linda Jackson’s last Board meeting, she was thinking about GiveNOLA Day. She was always talking about ways we could bring in more money so we could do more good for her beloved community. She knew people cared about the people of the Lower 9th Ward, if we could just reach them.

There are 9 hours left to make a GiveNOLA Day gift in honor of Linda.

If we reach $5,000 we will earn a full $2,500 matching gift from two long-time believers in our work and meet our goal for the day.

It will be a fitting tribute to Linda, just two weeks after her death.

We are on our way but we aren't there yet - please Give for Linda!!

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