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GiveNOLA Campaign Honors Linda

She saw wrong being done to residents in the Lower Ninth Ward and went about making it right. - Cynthia Guillemet

With the loss of our founder and guiding light, Linda Jackson, we have decided to dedicate GiveNOLA Day to her.

When Linda founded the L9WHA six months after the levees broke, she was starting from scratch. She had no office or staff, no money, and no experience of government disaster programs. So she handed her daughter a stack of papers and told her to start calling scattered residents to see if they were coming home.

Now she has called us to dive in like that again. With your support on GiveNOLA DAY, we will honor Linda by responding to COVID-19 the way she responded to Katrina.

All gifts by midnight Tuesday will count for GiveNOLA Day match.

Thank you for your deep generosity.

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