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Honoring Linda

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, Linda Jackson’s family gathered for her memorial. Though her neighborhood friends and comrades couldn’t attend, Sarah’s daughters made a sign. Rev. Calhoun brought balloons. And Constance picked bouquets of flowers from her garden which we placed on our windshields.

While I was driving down Forstall Street, I kept thinking about how Linda presided over a meeting of our Board the night before she went in for knee surgery. Doesn’t that just say everything about the kind of person she was? Doesn’t it just show the depth of her love for the Lower 9th Ward—and how much she gave of herself for it?

Last night, Linda’s daughter Judy sent me a text. We had worked together on planning for the day and she thanked me for that. Then she said, “please keep fighting for the Lower 9th Ward.”

And that’s what I'm going to do.

I invite you to join with me today in honoring Linda. With your GiveNOLA Day donation, you too will be fighting for the Lower 9th Ward.

In grief and gratitude,


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