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Cynthia's New Job

Lower 9th Ward Community

When Mr. and Mrs. Morrell moved to the Lower 9th Ward in the 1950's with their 3 young children, they became active members in their church and their neighborhood.

Their daughters take after them. In their two years as Outreach Specialists for the L9WHA, Cynthia and Galethea have connected with hundreds of families, created community working groups to address blight and overgrown lots, and stepped up to serve as president and vice-president of the Neighborhood Association.

Galethea's Outreach

Now there's a new crisis so the sisters - with the same drive and determination it took to rebuild the family home after Katrina - have raised up their efforts to reach out to their community. They helped organize food banks and have been on the phones constantly checking in with elderly neighbors. Now Galethea is increasing her hours so she can continue doing the kind of intensive outreach her community needs.

Cynthia's New Job

Today we're excited to announce that Cynthia is coming on full-time as our new case manager.

In this new role, she'll be helping people apply for stimulus checks, unemployment, mortgage relief, SNAP - whatever they need. While many benefits have been created to respond to the pandemic, they aren't easy to get, especially without internet. This is the kind of systemic injustice, baked into program design, that leaves low-income communities behind. Cynthia doesn't want that happen to the Lower 9th Ward again.

To partner with the Morrells' daughters to ensure that ALL members of the L9 receive the benefits they're entitled to, donate TODAY.


And because of 2 generous long-time supporters,


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