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Unexpected Surprise

Due to the changing nature of the Covid19 Pandemic, the organizers of GiveNOLA ( have decided to move this incredible day to June 2nd.

But you don't have to wait until June 2 -

you can actually make your GiveNOLA gift today!!

Our Coronavirus Project

Each GiveNOLA 2020 donation will go toward our Coronavirus Project. The mission of the project is to make sure that L9W residents receive all the benefits they're entitled to - like stimulus checks, unemployment, mortgage forbearance, Paycheck Protection - so they can have food to eat and remain in their homes.

When disaster hits, communities that are already in need frequently fall even further behind. Our Coronavirus Project needs your support to make sure this kind of systemic injustice doesn't happen to the Lower 9th Ward again.

And the first $5000 of GiveNOLA Day gifts will be matched - 50%! - by two generous supporters.

We are taking a two-pronged approach to securing benefits for those most in need:

• Reaching out to neighbors one by one to help them apply.

• Advocating at the federal, state and local level for changes when systemic injustice is baked right into the programs. Our policy work will help low-income people in every urban neighborhood and rural farming town in this country. Our direct service will bring some justice to a community that's never recovered from Katrina largely because the programs that were supposed to help them instead discriminated against them.

Join Us

If you have received your stimulus check and can spare a bit, we invite you to partner with us in continuing this life-giving work by donating to the L9WHA on GiveNOLA Day, starting today, at

**INCREASE YOUR IMPACT - A long-time partner of the L9WHA has generously agreed to match the first $5000 of donations made for GiveNOLA by 50% – increase your impact with a GiveNOLA gift!!**

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