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Feed the Front Line

It’s the only steady income we have. It’s keeping a few employees working. Hopefully when this over, if we’re already in here it’ll be easier for us to transition back.

- Blake Cressey, owner of Tasty Treat in the Seventh Ward, which serves comfort food and modern Creole flavors

(Photo credit: Ian McNulty, The New Orleans Advocate)

After buying 24,000 meals, New Orleans effort to save restaurants is surviving day by day.

As many of us try to find ways this week to gather with those we love and eat foods that represent the bounty of spring, we wanted to share a true New Orleans version of that story.

It started with Devin DeWulf, a local hero who founded the Mardi Gras walking parade Krewe of Red Beans a few years ago. Now the Krewe is buying food from local restaurants and hiring musicians and artists to deliver it to front line hospital workers - security guards, cleaning crews, doctors, nurses, techs. Devin calls it WIN - WIN - WIN.

Read a great article by local food writer Ian McNulty here:

And if you want to support the musicians, cooks and hospital workers of New Orleans, here's where you can donate:

Then, when this is all over, come visit and we'll go to a great restaurant that has survived and then out to listen to one of the musicians that make this city what it is.

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