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Action Alert

Please read this Action Alert from our partner, the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, and then call or email your Congressperson. Congress is deciding right now whether low-income families will continue to having housing at this time when you can't shelter at home if you don't have a home. We need additional rental assistance for families who have lost their jobs, more shelter beds for the homeless, and mortgage forbearance for

low-income homeowners so they don't become homeless.

Thank you for using your voice on behalf of those who need help the most!

"All my income is dependent on events, tourism, and the bars and restaurants being open. This eviction notice is making me feel like I should go out and risk my life for money." That's what Amanda, an Uber driver in New Orleans, told the Washington Post on Sunday. Congress is still working on an emergency relief package, but they need to hear from us TODAY that we need a roof over our heads to stay safe from coronavirus!

E-mail your Congressman

We're all trying to do our part and stay home and save lives, but if we lose our homes this pandemic will only get worse. To begin with, Congress must ensure the emergency relief packages include:

1) A moratorium on evictions and emergency rental assistance 2) A moratorium on foreclosures and support for Sen. Sherrod Brown's bill to to offer forbearances and extensions of mortgage loans 3) $15.5 billion in emergency solutions for people experiencing homelessness

You've sent over 500 emails--let's try and hit 1,000 today.

E-mail your Congressman

Thank you for helping to keep us all safe,

Cashauna Hill Executive Director

Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center

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