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Buildings for the Future

Pictured above: Rev. Willie Calhoun and Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen (4th and 6th from left), along with representatives from NORA, Lucas Construction, Home by Hand, Uncommon Construction, and St. Bernard Project.

Celebrate the Journey

Over the past two years, we have had the privilege of walking along the journey together to building 10 new houses for homeowners in the L9. You watched as we helped the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) select 10 lots near the neighborhood's beautiful new high school. You cheered us on as we suggested changes to the the program to make it successful in our community. We celebrated together as a phenomenal group of local contractors were chosen and construction contracts were signed. And finally, we all had the opportunity to stand together just the other week as shovels were raised and ground was broken.

At the celebration, our Housing Director, MA Sheehan, was honored by being asked to speak. She used this moment to call those in attendance to remember the deep tradition of homeownership in our historic community. Where once 59% of residents were homeowners and more than half of these had no mortgage, now we have slipped into a majority-rental community. Where once we had one of the highest African American homeownership rates in the country, now we have seen a huge loss of African American wealth. So MA challenged the audience to work every day to rebuild that strength for future generations.

With these 10 new homes, we are building into that future.

It is because of you, your partnership, and your determination to rebuild this community that this new ground has been broken.

To continue partnering with us in the fight to return the L9 to a neighborhood known for its unprecedented homeownership rates, join the Krewe of House the 9 by becoming a recurring donor at

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