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Darrial Sharp Update

For many years now, we have been sharing the story of Darrial Sharp with you. When he was three, he played in the sand beneath the live oak trees and watched his father build their home with his own hands.

That home was the center of the family's life. Darrial's brother Clarence, who has struggled with poor health, never left - and when their father died, Darrial and his wife, Lynn, moved home to care for Clarence.

It was only a few months later that the levees failed, pouring 12 feet of water into the house.

Ever since, Darrial has been trying to get his family home.

Finally Home

May 14, 2019 - a date Darrial, Lynn and Clarence will never forget! This is the date they FINALLY came back to their beloved Lower 9th Ward.

Thank You!

Sarah, our Development Coordinator, had the privilege of sitting with Darrial - her neigbhor - in his living room for a bit last week, and the joy simply radiated from him. After fighting for so long for the federal funding he was entitled to for the completion of his home, Darrial is finally able to provide his family a roof over their heads on property their family owns - to enjoy the pleasure of something so simple as eating a bowl of his brother's favorite cereal, Frosted Flakes, in their own kitchen. Darrial says thank you to each and every one of you for your partnership and the hard work of MA and the L9WHA. When everyone else had turned their back and walked away, we were able to stand firm, continuing to fight for justice to bring the Sharp family home!

(Darrial, Lynn and Clarence's home is pictured above.)

Darrial's father used to say:

I can't live forever, but you all are going to have a place to stay.

Now, thanks to you, his father's words are true again.

Now, thanks to you, he has a bedroom for his grandchildren when they come to stay - and its their turn to play beneath the live oak trees.

Moving Forward To join the L9WHA in bringing other families like the Sharp's home to the L9, become a sustaining donor by joining the Krewe of House the 9 at

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