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With GiveNOLA 2019 ( less than 24 hours away, we wanted to take a moment to share a bit about the incredible progress that's being made in the L9 community in recent months as a result of your partnership with the L9WHA.

Don't wait until tomorrow - you can actually schedule your GiveNOLA gift today!!

Creating Homes

The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority owns 600 properties, mostly vacant lots, in the L9W-all of them once the homes of neighborhood families. We are collaborating with NORA to develop strategies for turning these lots into homes once again. So far, 10 new homes - each with a $100,000 subsidy that will make it affordable to former residents - are in the pipeline!!

Coming Home

We are also thrilled to report that in the past several years we helped 22 families, who had been living in exile since the levees failed during Hurricane Katrina, to return home. To rebuild their homes, we leveraged $1,996,964 in federal funds - money which would have been left sitting at HUD without our work.

Join Us

We invite you to partner with us in continuing this life-giving work by donating to the L9WHA on GiveNOLA Day, May 7th, at

**DOUBLE YOUR DONATION! Two long-time partners of the L9WHA have generously agreed to match all donations made for GiveNOLA up to $2000 – double your impact with a GiveNOLA gift!!**

--And if you're in the New Orleans area, join us at Urban South Brewery from 6-8 pm on GiveNOLA day (May 7th) to celebrate this special day! --

If you have questions and to let us know you're coming, email Sarah:

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