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March 2019 Newsletter

Trash and tall grass and over-grown lots, OH MY

If you've ever had the privilege of visiting the Lower 9th Ward, the first thing you'll notice as you come over the bridge is the Katrina Memorial - so we never forget- and the second, unfortunately, is overgrown lots. With only 39% of the neighborhood having been restored so far, many lots have been abandoned and therefore are unruly. But that's not the end of the story.

The incredible residents of the Lower 9th Ward have never given up. We have not only continued to maintain our own properties - and often times our neighbors' who have been unable to return - but we also advocate for help in keeping the rest of the neighborhood maintained.

At our L9WHA monthly community meetings this was named a top priority. As such, a Community Action Team was created, who not only secured the backing of our new mayor, but also leveraged the city to begin a formal lot clearing program as well. This incredible committee is now successfully monitoring the progress, and continuing to encourage the neighborhood residents with its success.

United Saints Recovery

We are also grateful for the selfless work of United Saints Recovery, a non-profit out of Central City formed after the Storm, which has graciously partnered with us in this overwhelming task. Each week they welcome teams from all over the country, who donate their time to do some of the heavy lifting in clearing the debris. These lots are then left manageable, where the Community Action Team and thereby the community is able to maintain them from that point forward.

Each lot that's cleared and maintained offers hope, as well as a blank canvas, welcoming families and former L9 residents who wish to become a part of this historic community once again.

Join the L9WHA in filling these empty lots with homes for L9W residents by donating at, and become a member of the Krewe of House the 9 with a recurring


Follow the continued progress on our Facebook page: Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association

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