Thank You for Building a Very Strong Foundation

As you know, our theme for 2019 is Building the Future Together.

Thanks to you, we'll be building on a very strong foundation.

The outpouring of generosity for the Lower 9th Ward as the year ended was incredible. There were gifts from $10 to $2400 and not one but two matching grants. Eleven new people committed to giving on a monthly basis, joining eleven who already give monthly. All told, including monthly gifts that will come in throughout the year, we received $20,440 to support our work in 2019.

And it's not just the money that gives us a strong foundation. It's the feeling of support, of knowing that you - in DC, in Minnesota, in Kentucky, in Texas, in California - that you care about what happens in the Lower 9th Ward. It buoys me every day. I feel that I carry you with me each morning when I arrive at our offices at a church in the heart of the neighborhood.

From the Lower 9th Ward to you, we wish you all the best for a New Year filled with

love and joy and hope.

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