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A letter from Dennette Gentry

As M.A. wrote to you recently, a few months ago I received a notice from the City of New Orleans that my home - the home I grew up in and worked so hard to rebuild after Katrina - was going to tax sale.

I couldn't understand why it would be going to tax sale. I'd never received a bill and homeowners are exempt from property tax.

I went to many organizations, but no one could help me - until I went to the Lower 9th

Homeownership Association. M.A. Sheehan immediately studied my case, went to court, and stopped the sale. Without her help, I would now be homeless.

I don't want the same thing to happen to my neighbors.

That's why I'm writing you today. The L9WHA is now looking at the underlying policies that threatened my home in the first place - the unconstitutional fees, the practices regarding giving notice, the provision that the only way I could prevent the sale of my home was by paying the inflated tax bill or filing a lawsuit. Their goal is to ensure that none of my neighbors lose their homes for lack of access to appropriate services.

Your gift today will protect the homes of Lower 9th Ward families, people who have worked so hard to come back to the neighborhood they love, and who simply want to rest, secure in their homes.

GiveNOLA Day ends at midnight!! Make a donation and the Greater New Orleans Foundation will add to your gift.

Thank you for caring about the Lower 9th Ward,

Dennette Gentry

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