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Theo's Married!

For the past 6 months, we've been updating you on the story of Theodore Watson, a homeowner we are helping to rebuild his home.

Last Saturday, I had the great joy of attending his wedding! It was a beautiful occasion highlighted by a poem, "On Bended Knee," written by his new wife, Sharon Charles Watson.

On bended knee, she prayed for someone like Theo to come and share her life with her. And on bended knee, he was praying for her too. Now they are together. Within the next month or two, Theo will bring Sharon over the threshold of his family home and they will begin their life there. Here's the latest picture of the repair work. Didn't Sharon choose a great color for the house?

One of the first things Theo will do after he moves home is make a batch of his mother's biscuits for the neighbors, like she always did when he was growing up. He's been waiting for this day for more than ten years, and he's about to get there because so many people like you have supported him.

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