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Newlyweds Are Home for the Holidays!

In April, I had the great pleasure of sharing with you the news of Theo Watson's marriage to Sharon Charles.

Theo grew up on Tennessee Street in the Lower 9th Ward. His parents, Frank and Helen, bought their home in 1966. Helen stayed home and raised their five boys and was known around the neighborhood for her white picket fence and her biscuits. Frank worked for decades at the Coca-Cola Plant. He was known for walking do

wn the block every morning, talking to his neighbors.

But when the levees burst, everything they'd worked for was washed away. Their home, the center of their lives, was literally pushed off its foundation.

Theo has now lost both his parents, but he and his brothers were determined that their home should be rebuilt. We were able to secure $53,240 in additional federal funds for the family - just enough to finish the work.

So the family home is now rebuilt and the newlyweds will celebrate their first Christmas there, surrounded by family.

You can see the tree in Sharon's breakfast nook - painted the perfect blue that she chose!!

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