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Rep. Jimmy Harris Speaks Out Against the Corps' Proposed Lock Replacement Project

​​Louisiana State Representative Jimmy Harris is the first - and only, so far - public official to publicly oppose the Army Corps' of Engineer's Lock Replacement project in the IHNC.

He writes:

I write this letter in strong opposition to the proposed New Industrial Lock and Connecting Channels Project. It is unfortunate that being the State Representative for District 99, which encompasses the Upper and Lower Ninth Ward community, that prior to the community meeting I was not awarded the courtesy to receive a call or meeting from the Army Corp of Engineers on the proposed project. After speaking with many of the constituents in District 99 there are many concerns that have not been fully addressed. I would humble ask you to:

  1. Conduct a meeting in the Upper Ninth ward. This is a community that will definitely be impacted by this project and as such deserve the respect to be briefed.

  2. Extend the comment period that is currently in place until June first. This will afford the community the time needed to respond to the proposal.

  3. Complete a traffic study. The traffic study that was done is outdated and need to be updated appropriately.

  4. Conduct a new Environmental Impact Statement, (EIS) on the project that fully details the hazards and quality of life issues that the project bring. Also in the EIS please indicate the alternative sites that were presented to the community on February 4, 2015 and why, if for any reason, they are no longer under consideration.

Read Rep. Harris' full letter here.

Please join us in thanking Rep. Harris for his leadership on this important issue!

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