A Mardi Gras Moment

No, Ms. Gary doesn't have a costume on. This Mardi Gras story started a couple years ago when she and her Mom, Alberta Brooks, came into our office on Ash Wednesday.

So if you're from New Orleans you won't be surprised to know that I was a little the worse for wear. But I'm so grateful I came to work that day. Because sitting there talking to mother and daughter, I learned that Ms. Brooks lost almost $40,000 of her insurance proceeds to her mortgage company. As a result, though you can see the family made good progress on rebuilding their house, it still isn't done. And that means she has spent nearly $60,000 on rent since Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday we learned that, as a result of our advocacy, Road Home has approved an additional $99,484.00 so Ms. Brooks can finish her house and come back to her neighborhood. Today I got to tell her daughter, and we went out to the house together. It was a great moment - thanks to your support - and I wanted you to share in it.

Now the construction process starts - they are already reviewing their blueprints and preparing to choose a contractor.

And by next Mardi Gras, the house should be all finished and decorated in purple, green, and gold.

So next time your in the neighborhood, stop by our office and we'll go see the house you helped build!

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