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The L9WHA presents a series of educational programs for current homeowners to ensure they are informed about upcoming policies and initiatives affecting homeownership in the Lower 9th Ward.

This series also includes seminars for future homeowners. The L9WHA objective is to remove systemic barriers to homeownership for all community members. To participate:

Call in & listen: (929)205-6099

Meeting ID: 81685541344

Passcode: 149077


Watch & listen via:  facebook.com/L9WHA 

Register & watch via Zoom: Here

"Foreclosure Avoidance Workshop"

April 13, 5:30 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges for families. Physical and mental health have been a major concern during the pandemic. For many families, financial problems have become much more of a burden. This summer mortgage payments will be due. Homeowners with past due mortgages risk foreclosure.

Giazzlyn Duncan will discuss ways to avoid foreclosure and resolve delinquent mortgages. Giazzlyn is the Director of Home Ownership Protect at the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center.

"Hurricane Preparation for Homeowners & Residents"

May 11, 5:30 PM

Is your home ready for hurricane season? We all know hurricanes bring tornadoes, winds, rain, and flooding. Preparing your home before a storm arrives can help to reduce damage.


City of New Orleans NOLA Ready staff will discuss ways to prepare your home for the 2021 hurricane season.

Program Archive

Below you will find recordings of  past online programs we have had the privilege of hosting.  

"Understanding Your Property Taxes"

February 9, 5:30 PM

On Tuesday Feb. 9 at 5:30, the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association kicked off it’s 2021 Homeowner Education Series with a program on “Understanding Your Property Taxes.”


Property taxes are due this year on February 28. If you don’t understand your tax bill, if you think you’re being charged too much, if your home has gone to tax sale, or if you’re a homeowner who just wants to know how their taxes are calculated, this program is for you. 


The program was taught by M.A. Sheehan, long-time Housing Director for the L9WHA and an expert on helping individual homeowners navigate the assessment and tax payment process.

The L9WHA is also offering individual services to Lower 9th Ward homeowners who are having problems with their taxes.

To request services, or for more information on the program, please call us at 504-943-6000 or email info@l9wha.org

Watch the recording here

"The Front Yard Initiative FYI"

March 9, 5:30 PM

Join the Urban Conservancy and the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association to learn more about green infrastructure and how it can help reduce flooding on your property with FYI.

The Front Yard Initiative (FYI) is a program of the Urban Conservancy (UC), a nonprofit that has been on the forefront of equitable land use decisions since its founding in 2001. At the Front Yard Initiative we incentivize homeowners to remove excessive paving and replace it with green infrastructure to help reduce localized flooding. Green infrastructure is a type of water management that mimics natural water cycles. It can be implemented on very large scales for city projects all the way down to individual interventions on residential properties. To learn more about the Urban Conservancy visit their website at https://www.urbanconservancy.org/ 


For more information on the program, please call us at 504-943-6000 or email info@l9wha.org.

Watch the recording here

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