Honoring Linda

Dear Friend, Yesterday, Linda Jackson’s family gathered for her memorial. Though her neighborhood friends and comrades couldn’t attend, Sarah’s daughters made a sign. Rev. Calhoun brought balloons. And Constance picked bouquets of flowers from her garden which we placed on our windshields. While I was driving down Forstall Street, I kept thinking about how Linda presided over a meeting of our Board the night before she went in for knee surgery. Doesn’t that just say everything about the kind of person she was? Doesn’t it just show the depth of her love for the Lower 9th Ward—and how much she gave of herself for it? Last night, Linda’s daughter Judy sent me a text. We had worked together on p

In Memorium

Linda Jackson - In Memoriam Dear Friend: I am so sad to let you know today that we have lost our founder and our guiding light, Linda Jackson. It wasn’t COVID-19. She went into the hospital for knee surgery, which went fine. She was moved to the rehab floor and while she was there, more than a week after surgery, she had a heart attack and didn’t recover. It's almost incomprehensible. She was such a fighter. How could she just die like that? And how will we get along without her? In the words of neighborhood activist Happy Johnson, “Linda embodied a steadfast and selfless warrior spirit.” She founded the Lower 9th Ward Homeownership Association barely 6 months after the levees failed. Fourte

Cynthia's New Job

Lower 9th Ward Community When Mr. and Mrs. Morrell moved to the Lower 9th Ward in the 1950's with their 3 young children, they became active members in their church and their neighborhood. Their daughters take after them. In their two years as Outreach Specialists for the L9WHA, Cynthia and Galethea have connected with hundreds of families, created community working groups to address blight and overgrown lots, and stepped up to serve as president and vice-president of the Neighborhood Association. Galethea's Outreach Now there's a new crisis so the sisters - with the same drive and determination it took to rebuild the family home after Katrina - have raised up their efforts to reach out to t

Unexpected Surprise

Due to the changing nature of the Covid19 Pandemic, the organizers of GiveNOLA (www.givenola.org/L9WHA) have decided to move this incredible day to June 2nd. But you don't have to wait until June 2 - you can actually make your GiveNOLA gift today!! Our Coronavirus Project Each GiveNOLA 2020 donation will go toward our Coronavirus Project. The mission of the project is to make sure that L9W residents receive all the benefits they're entitled to - like stimulus checks, unemployment, mortgage forbearance, Paycheck Protection - so they can have food to eat and remain in their homes. When disaster hits, communities that are already in need frequently fall even further behind. Our Coronavirus Proj

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