Who Receives Economic Stimulus Payments?

"There are no poor people at home engaged in Zoom conferences and Zoom meetings." - City Council Vice President Jason Williams Dear Friend: I spent last week researching how you can receive your $1200 check if you don't have internet access. Here's what I found - if you don’t file taxes because your income is too low and you don’t receive certain benefits like Social Security by direct deposit: YOU CAN'T. That's it. There is no way to receive your payment without internet access. The IRS blandly reports that "live phone assistance is not available at this time" - and gives no alternative. In short, the lowest-income among us, who disproportionately don’t have internet access, and are disprop

Feed the Front Line

It’s the only steady income we have. It’s keeping a few employees working. Hopefully when this over, if we’re already in here it’ll be easier for us to transition back. - Blake Cressey, owner of Tasty Treat in the Seventh Ward, which serves comfort food and modern Creole flavors (Photo credit: Ian McNulty, The New Orleans Advocate) After buying 24,000 meals, New Orleans effort to save restaurants is surviving day by day. As many of us try to find ways this week to gather with those we love and eat foods that represent the bounty of spring, we wanted to share a true New Orleans version of that story. It started with Devin DeWulf, a local hero who founded the Mardi Gras walking parade Krewe of

Honoring Ronald Lewis

Dear Friend, We have had calls and emails from so many people wondering how we are doing. We are so grateful for all the support and our hearts are with everyone who is suffering now, all over the country and the world. Our staff is all healthy so far and working from home so we stay that way. Here in the Lower 9th Ward, we have lost one of our great leaders, someone who embodied the culture of New Orleans in his very being. For me personally, Ronald Lewis was one of the first people I came to know here and he was ever generous with his time and wisdom, teaching me so much about this place I would come to love. I remember him talking about the first time he caught a fish in the bayou and was

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