“When he died, I think something died in all of us. Something died in America. And each day, I think we must find a way to dream the dreams that he dreamed and build on what he left for all of us.” - Congressman John Lewis After the levees collapsed, the Trinity Lutheran Church in the Lower 9th Ward was reduced to a shell. Its congregation was scattered and made the painful decision not to rebuild. But there were Lutheran churches in Austin and the Chicago area that understood how important it is for a community to have a place to gather, for churches to have a place to worship. So, working with Camp Restore, they steadily volunteered, year after year, to rebuild the church even better than

As the New Year Dawns

This morning, Sarah can look out her living room window and see the results of your generosity. This year, 10 new homes will be built across the street from her house. Already, the foundations of 3 of them have been poured! Your support has been instrumental in making this happen. It will be a matter of months before new families are able to enjoy their own homes in this historic neighborhood! Thank You! As we move into the new year, we wanted to thank everyone who has shown such incredible generosity to the people of the L9. Because of your outpouring of gifts, we met our match and more. More importantly, because of your partnership, we are positioned to fulfill our vision of a diverse and

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