Theo's Married!

For the past 6 months, we've been updating you on the story of Theodore Watson, a homeowner we are helping to rebuild his home. Last Saturday, I had the great joy of attending his wedding! It was a beautiful occasion highlighted by a poem, "On Bended Knee," written by his new wife, Sharon Charles Watson. On bended knee, she prayed for someone like Theo to come and share her life with her. And on bended knee, he was praying for her too. Now they are together. Within the next month or two, Theo will bring Sharon over the threshold of his family home and they will begin their life there. Here's the latest picture of the repair work. Didn't Sharon choose a great color for the house? One of the

Rep. Jimmy Harris Speaks Out Against the Corps' Proposed Lock Replacement Project

​​Louisiana State Representative Jimmy Harris is the first - and only, so far - public official to publicly oppose the Army Corps' of Engineer's Lock Replacement project in the IHNC. He writes: I write this letter in strong opposition to the proposed New Industrial Lock and Connecting Channels Project. It is unfortunate that being the State Representative for District 99, which encompasses the Upper and Lower Ninth Ward community, that prior to the community meeting I was not awarded the courtesy to receive a call or meeting from the Army Corp of Engineers on the proposed project. After speaking with many of the constituents in District 99 there are many concerns that have not been fully add

A Mardi Gras Moment

No, Ms. Gary doesn't have a costume on. This Mardi Gras story started a couple years ago when she and her Mom, Alberta Brooks, came into our office on Ash Wednesday. So if you're from New Orleans you won't be surprised to know that I was a little the worse for wear. But I'm so grateful I came to work that day. Because sitting there talking to mother and daughter, I learned that Ms. Brooks lost almost $40,000 of her insurance proceeds to her mortgage company. As a result, though you can see the family made good progress on rebuilding their house, it still isn't done. And that means she has spent nearly $60,000 on rent since Hurricane Katrina. Yesterday we learned that, as a result of our

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