The key to moving the Lower 9th Ward out of the poverty, disinvestment, and blight that followed the flood is to restore the core strengths that are central to the neighborhood's identity—strong family networks grounded in the ownership of homes. To do this, we strive to network with organizations and agencies dedicated to providing affordable housing options to develop long-term, broad-based solutions and opportunities for Building Our Future Together.

How's the 9? 

Community Development


The L9WHA was established in 2006 and continues to be an outspoken leader in community development and homeowner

rebuilding efforts.  As such, we are currently working closely with the following organizations to develop long-term, broad-based solutions for opportunities for Building the Future Together:


  1. RUDAT (Regional Urban Design Assistance Team) Housing Table to implement recommendations from the planning process spearheaded by the American Institute of Architects.

  2. The New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) on a plan for 10 new homes.

  3. Citizens Against the Widening for the Industrial Canal

We are a partner and supporter of resident-driven redevelopment for our historic community.

House the 9 - Housing Resources

We strive to network with organizations and agencies dedicated to providing affordable housing options for our community.  Our focus is revitalizing homeownership in the L9W.  We also are aware of other housing opportunities that may better serve the needs of our returning residents.

While we are committed to creating homeownership, we also want to help current residents with preserving homeownership.  Don't let overdue taxes, title issues or code enforcement citations threaten homeownership!

Contact us to learn more about current and future homeownership and housing opportunities, and to discuss preserving homeownership.

he L9WHA- Your connection to resources and services.


Road Home housing grants issues with non-compliance

If you have received a letter or lawsuit demanding you repay your Road HOme grant, or you are still trying to rebuild your home, please call us!  We will review your Road Home file and discuss it with you.

Our file review will focus on:

  • If you experienced contractor fraud or theft

  • If you were required to give your insurance money to your mortgage company

  • if you incurred rental expenses between 2008-2016

  • If Road Home made a mistake in calculating your grant amount

Our goal is to help you generate Road Home funding to rebuild or repair your home, but we want to at least help you reduce or eliminate your debt to Road Home.


The best way to determine if you qualify for assistance is to contact our office with


the form below or give us a call at 504-943-6000.


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