The key to moving the Lower 9th Ward out of the poverty, disinvestment, and blight that followed the flood is to restore the core strengths that are central to the neighborhood's identity

strong family networks grounded in the ownership of homes.

House the 9

2020 "OPEN ROLLS" is NOW (July 15th-August 17th)

During the Open Rolls period,

homeowners can appeal the assessed value of their property.

A modified property assessment could lower 2021 property taxes.


  • During the Orleans Parish Assessor Open Rolls period, homeowners can dispute their assessment by filing an appeal because they think the value placed on their property is too high. This could be due to estimations on square footage, market values, comparable sales, or the condition of the property. New construction is particularly likely to be overvalued in the L9, but older homes can be too.


  • All required forms are accessible online at Completed forms and supporting documents can be submitted online, mailed, or dropped off in the bins located in the lobby of NOLA City Hall, 1300 Perdido St. or the Algiers Courthouse, 225 Morgan St.


  • To speak directly with an Assessor staff person, an appointment is now REQUIRED. Social distancing guidelines, including wearing a mask, are required when visiting all Assessor offices.  You can make an appointment online or by calling.

  • All supporting documents and applications are due in the Assessor’s office by 4 p.m. August 17, 2020.

  • To get more information call the NOLA Assessor City Hall Office at 504-658-1300, or the Algiers office at



Homestead Exemption

Age Freeze

Disability Freeze

100 % Veterans Exemption

Exemptions and Freezes could help lower and stabilize 2021 taxes.


  • HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION For resident homeowners with full or partial ownership. Must provide proof of ownership plus other documentation.

  • AGE FREEZE Must have Homestead Exemption, turn 65 by December 31, 2020 and provide proof of annual income plus other documentation. 


  • DISABILITY FREEZE Must have Homestead Exemption and a letter from a state or federal agency confirming100% or 50% disability plus other documentation. 


  • 100% DISABLED VETERANS EXEMPTION Must have a letter from the VA stating 100% disabled and provide proof of annual income plus other documentation.

Housing Resources

As advocates for housing, we remain focused on preserving and promoting homeownership.  

We are committed to:

          ...creating homeownership.  We network with organizations and agencies dedicated to providing affordable homeownership opportunities.              Help is available with homeowner education classes, financing options, credit counseling, and more.  Owning a home may be more             

          affordable than paying rent!

          ...preserving homeownership.  Do you have a clear title on your property?  Do you have a will?  Are you eligible for an age or           

          disability freeze?  Do you have a Homestead Exemption? Do you owe back taxes? We have information that may benefit you. 

Road Home - issues with grant compliance

If you have received a letter or lawsuit demanding you repay your Road Home grant, please call us! 

We may be able to help you reduce the amount you owe or eliminate all together.

The best way to determine if you qualify for assistance is to give us a call at 504-943-6000


You can also fill out the form below.

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